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Hands-on vs Virtual Treatments

Who'd have thought that other than Reiki some of my other treatments would be just as effective at a distance...

Virtual Facial Reflexology has become extremely popular among those suffering with hay-fever, anxiety, stress, headaches, digestive issues, sleep problems and other common ailments.

Take a slow deep breathe and close your eyes (maybe not whilst reading this), let your mind calm and the tension release from your face and body.

Using facial reflexology techniques I guide you through specific reflexes to invoke a deep sense of relaxation and pay specific attention to key reflex points. During the treatment we use a visualisation to help cleanse the mind and body and help with the natural healing process.

There's calm, gentle music playing in the background which creates a wonderful feeling of tranquility and serenity. I guide you through every step of the treatment visually and leave you with some self-help tips, which may include some hand reflexology techniques.

For those wanting the ultimate treatment, why not finish with Distant Reiki Healing where you are able to let go completely, lay back and drift into an almost hypnotic state of relaxation.

Review by EB - "I have been suffering badly this year from hayfever, especially with really swollen eyes, so much so that one eye closed on Saturday. But after following the techniques Nikki showed me from my Virtual Facial Reflexology session, the swelling has gone down significantly and the hayfever is far more bearable now, thank you so much Nikki!"

Review by JK - "if I had to compare to the real thing, I'd say around 85% as effective. I went into a deep state of relaxation (as usual) and feel calm and relaxed, and the tension I had between my shoulder blades earlier has eased. Thank you Nikki"

My treatment room in Hook, Hampshire will be re-opening again on 6th July, however to begin with I will only be offering Foot Reflexology, as per guidelines from the Association of Reflexologists (AoR). Facial Reflexology, Hand Reflexology and Reiki will be offered virtually for the time being until other guidelines are released and the lockdown is further eased.

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