Terms and Conditions

Agreement Between

Nikki Carr, Holistichealing.rocks of Fitchett Walk, Hook, RG27 9FP (Service Provider); and 

The Company or Private Client

Practice Guidelines

Code of Practice and Ethics
Nikki Carr MAR is a Reflexology Practitioner and full member of the Association of Reflexologists (AoR).  All Members of the AoR, by joining the Association, undertake to abide by the Code of Professional Practice and Ethics. 

Confidentiality & Privacy
Confidentiality is an essential part of the therapies undertaken. It underpins the client's sense of safety and trust.  Holistichealing.rocks holds all records securely and will ensure confidentiality in the treatment of any information held about its clients, All information recorded and held is solely for the purpose of maintaining effective treatment records.  Please refer to the Privacy Policyon the website for more detail.

All information will be kept confidential unless the client and therapist agree to discuss something with a third party. Where appropriate a consent form will be used. The only reasons for breaking confidentiality would be if the therapist considered that your life was at risk, if another person's life was at risk or if the therapist was liable to civil or criminal court proceedings if the information was not disclosed. If at all possible this would be discussed beforehand.

Anti-discrimination policy

Holistichealing.rocks is strongly committed to anti-discrimination. It values difference and diversity and does not discriminate on the grounds of age, gender and gender identity, sexual preference or orientation, marital/partnership status, religion, race, colour, national origin, disability, heritage or political belief.

Cancellation Policy
If for any reason the private treatment or Wellbeing event needs to be cancelled or rescheduled, please let us know as soon as possible. The required notice for cancellation is:

  • Private Client – 24 hours prior to treatment

  • Company Wellbeing event - 30 days prior to the date of the event. 

Where less notice of cancellation is given the Client or Company will be charged the full fee agreed in the quotation. With adequate advanced notice, where possible, the Client or Company may be offered an alternative date.

The Service Provider will give as much advance notice as possible should the private treatment or Wellbeing event need to be cancelled.  A suitable, alternative date will be agreed and scheduled.

Payment Terms

  • Private Client – payment on day of treatment, unless a voucher or special offer is purchased with its own specific payment terms.

  • Company Wellbeing event - an invoice will be issued against the Company’s Purchase Order and the Service Provider requires that payment terms are 30 days from receipt of the invoice or treatment date, whichever is latest.