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Zone Face Lift

The Natural Alternative to Botox & Face Filler 

"Pioneering a New Way to Naturally Age Well"

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Zone Face Lift is a natural, holistic and spiritual approach to helping people naturally look and feel their absolute best.  It can potentially remove as much as 10 years of aging over a 12-week course (single treatments are available).

Combining the unique benefits of advanced Facial Reflexology, along with a fast and light Face Lift massage, Rose Quartz crystals, Native American smudging and Gua Sha tool, this treatment is like nothing you’ve experienced before!

Not only does it aid relaxation to improve wellbeing, rebalance the mind and body and promote self-healing,  Zone Face Lift guides you through a journey; awakening your youthful spirit as well as lifting your face.

Zone Face Lift has been quoted by Tatler magazine as "extraordinary".  It frees constriction within the facial muscles and connective tissue, whilst smoothing, tightening and sculpting the skin.

This treatment truly is one to experience.  The uplifting effects in both the physical and mental body are incredible. The images below show the improvements after only 3 treatments!

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