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Workplace Wellbeing

Reduce Stress The Natural Way!

On-site and virtual holistic wellbeing treatments in the workplace benefit both the Employer and Employee:

  • Increased wellbeing & motivation

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Reduced absenteeism

  • Fewer sick days

  • Reduced pain

  • Increased satisfaction within the workplace

  • Increased feeling of support

  • Increased loyalty to the company



Traditionally my workplace wellbeing services and therapies were very much ‘hands-on’, however in the current climate there was demand to adapt and evolve. I now work with companies to offer virtual therapies in addition to on-site treatments, which give a wider reach to those employees who are non-office based. These virtual sessions are just as effective and focus on supporting the employees' physical and mental wellbeing, along with the additional pressures brought on by the lockdowns. It is hugely beneficial for employees to have coping mechanisms during, and outside of work. It is very easy to become overwhelmed when normality is removed.

Wellbeing services and therapies can be tailored and adapted to suit the needs of the business, and options include:

1-1 On-site and/or Virtual Services

  • Holistic therapies, such as Reflexology (hand, foot or facial), Reiki and Indian Head Massage sessions, to improve employees' wellbeing both physically and mentally. These short sessions incorporate breathing and relaxation techniques to help quickly calm the body and mind.

  • Virtual, guided sessions of Reflexology (hand or facial) Reiki and Indian Head Massage - great for field or WFH staff.

  • Meditation sessions

  • Mindfulness sessions

Group Services/Workshops/Courses - On-site and/or Virtual

  • Menopause Reflexology Workshops - Understanding and Supporting The Menopause... The Holistic Way - includes self-help techniques and lifestyle suggestions.

  • Mindfulness Courses.

  • Mindfulness Workshops (more ad-hoc than a course).

  • Mindfulness Meditation recordings to aid in the reduction of stress, anxiety and tension - frequency defined by the company's requirements.

  • Guided treatments, such as Reflexology (hand or facial), Reiki and Indian Head Massage.

  • Pilates courses and workshops

  • Yoga courses and workshops

  • Breathwork courses and workshops

  • Tai Chi courses and workshops

  • Health Coaching workshops

  • Images and content focused at improving overall wellbeing; both in general and whilst working remotely.

Holistic therapies have been shown to be extremely effective in reducing stress and anxiety levels in a natural and healthy way.  All the therapies are non-invasive and the therapeutic touch has been shown to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which in turn moderates and calms the stress response.


Where advised, some of the techniques provided during treatment sessions can even be safely used on family members at home.

Some companies choose to offer these holistic wellbeing services and treatments as a staff benefit, whilst others subsidise the sessions. This allows their employees to make healthier decisions for themselves and their lifestyle.

By giving employees time away from the stresses that come with their everyday jobs, to concentrate on their wellbeing, you will notice significant improvements all round both mentally and physically.


The services that Nikki provides to Ipsen colleagues are the highlight of their week. Her treatment slots are booked up weeks in advance, testament to the quality of service she delivers. As well as providing invaluable ‘time out’ and a little period of true relaxation during the working day, she is always a friendly face to see and a listening ear to chat to about work, life, and anything beyond. Nikki is a rare kind of person and we would not be without her services.

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Introducing wellbeing therapies from Holistic Healing has been greatly beneficial to our company.  The range of therapies offered, from mindfulness sessions to personalised reflexology treatments, has made a tangible difference in our workplace.  Employees have expressed a deep appreciation for these sessions, noting reduced stress levels, improved focus, and renewed sense of balance in their work and personal lives.  Nikki’s expertise and tailored approach has resonated deeply with our team, fostering a more resilient and motivated workforce.

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