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Wellbeing in the Workplace Treatments - Try it out!!

As a Reflexologist I absolutely love meeting new clients and seeing their reaction to reflexology.

There's also a huge difference between being approached by an individual who wants to try reflexology for the first time, and those who participate in taster reflexology or reiki treatments during a wellbeing day at work.

This is why my 'wellbeing in the workplace' sessions are so successful. Whether I spend a day in a company or just a few hours over the lunch break period, it attracts individuals who would never have considered either treatment otherwise. The wellbeing days are all about bringing awareness to employees, to help them learn that there are effective ways of managing stress and anxiety and also that their employer cares about their wellness.

When providing reflexology and reiki treatments at local companies I find that it's usually the most curious/skeptical of clients who follow up with a full session and go on to become a regular client. Once you discover the benefits of reflexology or reiki, you won't look back!

Although I'm based in Hook, Hampshire, and most of my work is local, I participate in wellbeing treatment days all over the South of England. For more information please contact me.

Being a Reflexologist and Reiki Practitioner is an extremely fulfilling career and it really is wonderful that I am able to take these treatments into companies and share the benefits of these therapies. Where there is usually high pressure on employees to perform; being able to bring them just 15-20 minutes of pure relaxation and relief from the demands of the day makes the world of difference! Try it, you'll see the difference!

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